About Me – who is Autopsy Of Adelaide??

I am an Adelaide based photographer with a primary interest in the abandoned, derelict, forgotten and hidden.  My work focusses primarily on Adelaide and South Australia, but also includes my adventures to other parts of Australia.  Houses, factories, commercial buildings, tunnels, basements, junkyards, farms………..if it’s abandoned I’ll explore it.  Whilst I do capture “urbex” style images, I also try to explore something more artistic and meaningful with my imagery, often adding light-painting and night-photography to my work.

Abandoned power station

Urban exploration, urbex, infiltration.  Call it what you will.  We all explore for different reasons.  My personal reasons for exploring are complicated and multi-faceted – probably worthy of a separate blog post sometime soon.  Exposing the beauty of decay, the forgotten history, the sense of awe and excitement of being the first in a space in decades, exploring my own inner fears of loss and abandonment, showing a side of my own city that most don’t ever see – these are but some of the reasons I choose to explore.

99% of the time I won’t disclose a location on a public forum such as this.  Partly to protect the location, partly so as to not encourage others, partly because I don’t know your motivations, partly because of the time/research/effort/risk that has gone into finding and exploring said location.  And partly because it’s called Urban Exploration – not Urban Tourism.  Discovering something new is 90% of the fun.  Having the keys to the kingdom handed to you doesn’t sound that exciting to me!

Abandoned Cinema

This blog will showcase my images as well as some information on each of the locations.  History of the site, how I found it, any funny stories from the explore, how I captured the image and what camera settings I used.  For the gear-curious, I shoot primarily with a Nikon D610 and my trusty Nikon 16-35mm f4 lens.

Please contact me for any questions and print sales.

I hope you enjoy my work.  You can also follow me at:


Le collecteur de voiture



The creep

9 thoughts on “About Me – who is Autopsy Of Adelaide??

  1. Excellent work mate. You are a very talented man. The work you did for the book that accompanied my CD was outstanding! It scared the s*** out of me when we were shooting it and still gives me goose bumps whenever I look at it! You ROCK!! Cheers – KK \m/


  2. This is such a wonderful idea – I heard about your website on ABC 891 this morning. There are many places around Adelaide which most of us will only ever see from the outside. Fantastic to see the inside of some that I had never heard of!


  3. Two places to consider:
    1) Can you get into the little building on North Terrace between The Gallerie and DJs?

    2) Can you get into the ‘other’ Royal Adelaide Hospital?
    Back about a bit over a century ago, we were paranoid about an imminent attack by sea by Russia which saw the construction of the coastal forts and their connection by the aptly named Military Road. At the same time we were worried that they would attack our legislature.
    I have heard that in this respect, below the RAH there is another RAH, built underground back then.
    I am led to believe that it is all still there. There are wards, operating theatres and cupboards full of the medical instruments in use at the time, as well as rows of wheelchairs- the three-wheel wicker ones of the period. I have also heard from someone who worked there that if you wander around in the lower sections of the existing building, you will find large heavy doors which appear to have not been opened for many years – obviously entrances to this labyrinth. I understand that in order to enter now, you have to suit up like a spaceman with your own air supply as the air in there is very foetid.
    Emergency access was gained by a tunnel which ran all the way from the (now old) Parliament House to the hospital. The western end was blocked off when the Festival Centre complex was built.
    I am also led to believe that there are patient records from the time and as the people who control Adelaide are the descendants of the people who controlled Adelaide at the time, they are eager for them not to come to light as they might reveal facts like great-grandpa died of syphilis.
    Enjoy your work. Hope you can use my suggestions.


  4. awesome website Scott. Fantastic Photos too. Im so keen to also get a chance to visit these places. awesome work, keep it up.


  5. Hi mate – awesome work. I used to be a budding photographer and I also have a crazy fascination with abandoned places – I’d love to get back into amateur photography. If you’re ever after someone to accompany you I’d be more than willing!

    Evidently there are tunnels under the new Mayfair Hotel on the corner of Hindley/King William Street. Ever tried to get into there? Also, 293 St Vincent Street, Port Adelaide (https://www.flickr.com/photos/baytram366/sets/72157628072991670/)


  6. Found your website by accident .Love what you have done , I didn’t know some of these places even existed .
    Any chance of getting into the old Holden factory to photograph that as well ?? … I would love to see that before it is gutted .


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