Urban Exploration: Joyland

It’s amazing what lies beyond inconspicuous doorways.  Places thousands of people walk past on a daily basis without a second thought.  Such was the case with Joyland.  Several months ago, a fleeting opportunity presented itself and I was invited to  explore the remnants of a 1960s era Adelaide store.

The first area of the building we explored appears to have once served as the accounts or finance department for the once thriving store.  An open plan area offered us vintage glass partitions, cast iron grilles and empty cash drawers.  Account books, old receipts and vintage advertising signs lay scattered throughout.  An original and mostly intact pneumatic tube system, which once would have served to transport cash from the shop floor to the accounts area, stood sadly against a bare wall.  One area boasted original heavy velvet curtains and 1950s embroidered carpet – perhaps part of the original showroom.  A storage area and change rooms suggested that this was once a mixed space of both retail and accounts.

We moved on to another section of the building which had obviously been a staff only section.  This area contained a staff kitchen and dining room, as well as toilets and staff lockers.  Original sign-writing in bold red paint adorned etched glass windows to each room.

After a few hours we emerged into daylight and the twenty-first century once again.  Now closed off and inaccessible once more I was thankful for the opportunity to have seen inside this one.

The salesroom
Vintage advertising and old receipt books
Behind the cashiers desk
Retro glass and the padded vinyl staircase!
shoes 9
The pneumatic tube system and old blueprints
shoes 4
The pneumatic tube system
shoes 2
Probably state of the art once upon a time
shoes 8
shoes 6
All the 1950s mod-cons!
shoes 7
Accounts department
shoes 5
Changerooms and storage
Staff Dining Room
Staff kitchen
Bathroom Decay
shoes 3
Another day, another sink
shoes 10
Ladies locker room

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