Urban Exploration: Port Pirie Train Graveyard

On the outskirts of Port Pirie sits a small train graveyard.  Several train carriages in varying states of disrepair lay rotting in the arid landscape.  Mostly rusting hulks stripped of their internal features and vandalised beyond repair.  Various car and truck bodies also adorn the area creating a photographers paradise.

How or why these carriages came to be here is not clear but they have been in this state for as long as I can remember.  I’ve stopped here several times over the years as I pass through Port Pirie and always come away with something different.  I hope you enjoy this small selection of images from this great little spot.


6 thoughts on “Urban Exploration: Port Pirie Train Graveyard

  1. This is absolutely amazing pictures that have been taken. Before this i didn’t even know there was a yard where abandoned trains were left all the way up in Port Pirie. Keep up the good work.

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  2. Hi, great photos!!! I have searched for location of this place on Google maps. Would love to visit & film some FPV footage here. Could you please share a Google maps pin?


  3. I would not go near those trains as they are full of asbestos the guy who put them there was a friend of mine . He and a friend of his who was helping him to cut them up for scrap both died form asbestos relaited diseases that is why they are there just rotting away


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