Urban Exploration – Glenside Hospital – The Birches, The Grove & The Occupational Therapy Centre

Continuing my series on the various buildings and wards which make up the former Glenside Hospital.  For more than a century the collection of buildings now known as Glenside Hospital were home to Adelaide’s abandoned, sick and insane. Within the walls of the 130 acre hospital were countless tales not just of sorrow but also ground-breaking, world-first advancements in the treatment of the mentally ill.

One of the older buildings remaining on the Glenside Hospital site is the original Wash House, Drying Room and Laundry.  This remains one of the earliest buildings constructed on the site after the original main building.  Originally built to be a laundry in 1879, in the mid 1920’s this building was converted into a Nurses’ Cottage. In 1954 it became a sewing room and later an occupational therapy centre.  It is heritage listed and will be retained irrespective of the pending Glenside development.

The Birches and The Grove are both more modern facilities constructed in the late 1970s.  These wards treated a range of conditions and held a range of patients on site.  These included geriatric patients and, later, forensic patients prior to the construction of James Nash House.  These buildings will soon be demolished to make way for The Glenside redevelopment.


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