Urban Exploration – Adelaide Central Market Tower

For 115 years the Adelaide Central Market tower has stood unused.  An integral feature of the Adelaide Central Market design, the tower has no documented record of use. If you live in Adelaide, you will likely have passed this building hundreds of times.  But did you ever look up and wonder about the tower?

Rumour and speculation surrounds it.  One tale suggests it may have been used as a fire tower in the early days of the city.  But nobody is really sure.  Last year, a design competition took place in order to produce ideas to bring life to this city icon.  The winning design was “Market Brew” – a brewery within the tower with seating at the ground floor level.  To date, this idea has not spun itself into a reality.  And so, the tower remains empty and unused.

Thanks to Ryan Kris for allowing access and for the article ‘The mystery of the Adelaide Central Market Tower‘ which sparked my interest.

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3 thoughts on “Urban Exploration – Adelaide Central Market Tower

  1. Beautiful work. On that upper floor of the market, there used to be a truly atmospheric snooker/pool hall. Darkish, low lit, soon to be an anomaly, like the home grown snooker world champ Eddie Charlton, in a society changing irrevocably as they always and inevitably must. All the more valuable to have records which apart from the aesthetic, serve also as signposts at least to those who see meaningful connections between the past and present.
    And right again. Look above the line of sight in Hindley and the two Rundles and see a past era’s architecture and speculate on who now inhabits those arcane second storey digs.

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  2. Hi there, Scott.
    I’m very taken with these photos, and in particular the location. Is there an email address by which I could contact you, as I have a few questions about it that weren’t covered in your introduction. I look forward to hearing back from you,
    Keep you the good work,


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