Final Broadcast: Channel Nine Studios Tynte Street

Television launched in South Australia on 5 September 1959 from the Tynte Street North Adelaide studios of NWS Channel Nine. Television sets in homes were not yet commonplace and many people gathered at shop windows to watch. Television had arrived in Australia three years earlier on 16 September 1956 in New South Wales with Nine […]

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Urban Exploration – Industrial Disease

Sometimes entire industries cease to exist – superseded by bigger, better, shinier and the more environmental friendly.  Comparative advantage. Competitive advantage.  Often these are the industry killers.  Other times it’s economic rationalisation.  Seeking a cost benefit by killing an industry in one area to consolidate in another.  Leaving memories and skeletons behind. The ways of […]

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Urban Exploration – Timber Town

Towns and cities are usually born as a result of colonisation, exploration and settlement.   At other times, towns are born as a result of the discovery of resources.  One only has to look at the Victorian gold-rush of the 1800s to see the establishment of towns such as Ballarat and Bendigo as an example of this.  […]

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