Urban Exploration – The Cactus Ranch

From the early 1950s, the Arizona Cactus Ranch delighted holidaymakers on the long trip from Adelaide to the Yorke Peninsula. Established in 1952, the Arizona Cactus Ranch was the result of one man’s passion inspired by a visit to the USA – an oasis of hundreds of varieties of cacti and succulent. The dry arid land […]

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Urban Exploration – The Last Picture Show

There is something romantic about old movie theatres.  Something beyond the cosmetics of dated curtains, faded carpeting and uncomfortable seating.  Sure, there’s a feeling of nostalgia and history.  But it’s more than that.   I can’t help but wonder at how many new romances blossomed in the darkened auditorium?   How many dreams were born here?  How many heroes lived and […]

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