Urban Exploration – Glenside Hospital – Paterson House

Continuing my series on the various buildings and wards which make up the former Glenside Hospital.  For more than a century the collection of buildings now known as Glenside Hospital were home to Adelaide’s abandoned, sick and insane. Within the walls of the 130 acre hospital were countless tales not just of sorrow but also ground-breaking, world-first advancements in the treatment of the mentally ill.

The new Admission block previously known as Male Ward A was built in 1955 and first occupied by male patients. It was named Paterson House in 1962 and became a receiving house for the greater Glenside Hospital complex.

As well as patient accommodations, Paterson House had a large arts room for patient therapy.  Some of this art is still visible and includes the words and images of troubled minds.  Spread over two levels, Paterson house has been vacant for many years and has been the target of vandalism in more recent years.

As part of the Glenside Hospital precinct redevelopment, demolition work on Paterson House and Cleland House will commence within months.

Glenside - Paterson-2Glenside - Paterson-3Glenside - Paterson-4Glenside - Paterson-5Glenside - Paterson-6Glenside - Paterson-7Glenside - Paterson-8Glenside - Paterson-9Glenside - Paterson-10Glenside - Paterson-11Glenside - Paterson-12Glenside - Paterson-13Glenside - Paterson-14Glenside - Paterson-15Glenside - Paterson-16Glenside - Paterson-17Glenside - Paterson-18Glenside - Paterson-19Glenside - Paterson-20Glenside - Paterson-21Glenside - Paterson-22Glenside - Paterson-23Glenside - Paterson-24Glenside - Paterson-25Glenside - Paterson-26Glenside - Paterson-27Glenside - Paterson

2 thoughts on “Urban Exploration – Glenside Hospital – Paterson House

  1. I’ve been in there aha, my mate found a full unopened bottle of Passion Pop when we were looking through some junk on the second floor! Aha. Watch out for security tho.


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