Urban Exploration – Fairyland Village

Fairyland.  Most Adelaide people have some memory of it.  If you spent your childhood in Adelaide in the ’70s and ‘80s, then there’s a pretty good chance you visited Fairyland Village in Lobethal at least once.

Fairyland opened in 1973 – the brainchild of a German family who wanted to recreate something similar to parks found throughout Europe.  Fairyland was the first of its kind for Australia and the first theme park to open in South Australia.  Essentially, a collection of miniature cottages, each of which housed scenes from various fairy-tales and children’s stories.

Throughout the 1970s and 80s it proved a popular destination for family outings but went into decline during the ‘90s.  It was then acquired by new owners who restored and improved the park, adding new cottages and scenes.  Each of the miniature cottages contained a famous scene from a fairy-tale, intricately staged with antique furniture and curiosities and with the characters created from modified mannequins.

Given the eeriness of the park at night, it was an apt location in which to set a horror movie and was used as a location for the Australian horror movie 100 Bloody Acres.  Alas, dwindling visitor numbers coupled with the owners desire to enjoy a quiet retirement, saw the park placed up for sale.  Consequently, the park was closed for nearly two years whilst a buyer for the property was sought.

Rumours soon emerged that the park may be dismantled and it was during this time that I accessed the park on several occasions in order to capture the images you see here.  Unfortunately, others also became aware of the disused state of the park and late last year it suffered a senseless vandal attack which resulted in damage to several of the cottages as well as the theft of several display items.  This was the final straw for the owners.  Reluctantly, the park was disassembled and its contents sold, scrapped and given away.  Today, nothing remains of a place which brought so much joy to so many people.

Farewell Fairyland.

Fairyland 2 (2)
Fairyland 3 (2)
fairyland 2
Sleeping Beauty
Santa’s Workshop
fairyland 2-2
Old Mother Hubbard
fairyland 1
The Wishing Well
fairyland 3
Fairyland 5
Fairyland Remnants
Fairyland 4
Fairyland 6
Fairyland 7
Fairyland Remnants
Fairyland 8
Humpty Dumpty
Fairyland 9
Fairyland 10
Fairyland Remnants
Fairyland 14
Welcome to Fairyland
Fairyland 15
Fairyland 16
Playground Remnants
Fairyland 17
Fairyland Scrapheap
Fairyland 1011
Fairyland 1012
Fairyland 1013
Fairyland Mannequins Revealed

10 thoughts on “Urban Exploration – Fairyland Village

  1. a young granddaughter reminded me that we had taken her to a fairyland place once. So i thought i would take her & her sister & brother again but now all I can do is ask her to google
    this site & REMEMBER the lovely day we had . so sad to see the damage


  2. Thank you for showing us what was and is no more…..
    We lived in Adelaide from 1966 to 1977, we had 3 sons, and feel we took advantage of what was on offer to do with our children.
    BUT – I have no memory of knowing that Fairyland was there!
    How we could have been unaware of its existence is a mystery 😦


  3. I was only so little and I still remember My Dad taking my two sisters and myself to fairyland it was the best time of my child hood. I broke my arm that day on the exact playground ride in those pictures. I will never forget that day not because I broke my arm but because it was so magical as a kid to see and it was one of few memories I have with my Dad. I will never forget this place, if only I had the money to restore it all I would.
    But thank you so much to the person who took these pictures before it all got destroyed so I could see some of this magical place again.


    1. Hi Victoria. That’s beautiful. I’m glad that you got something so personal from my photos. It was a shame that it closed. The owners wanted to retire. They tried for over 2 years to find a buyer who might take it on. But people wanted either to buy their house without the park or the park without their house. During the time it stood closed it was broken into and a number of displays vandalised or stolen. Iylt was the final straw for the owner. The displays were sold off entirely. I belive some of the cottages are still standing. The property recently sold but it would be a lot of work to start again.


  4. I visited here many times as a kid and looking at the remains and knowing that one of the fires probably ran through here too gives me the deep feels.


  5. I recall going there as a child .in the 70’s for a school excursion..I recall a statue made of 20cent coins ..am I remembering the correct place ? Cheers


  6. I remember taking the kids there back in the day- lovely natural place and you could get food to feed the kangaroos too.
    The playground had some interesting equipment that gave lots of enjoyment. So sad to know it’s all gone.


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