Urban Exploration: Joyland

It’s amazing what lies beyond inconspicuous doorways.  Places thousands of people walk past on a daily basis without a second thought.  Such was the case with Joyland.  Several months ago, a fleeting opportunity presented itself and I was invited to  explore the remnants of a 1960s era Adelaide store. The first area of the building […]

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Urban Exploration: The Exchange

As technology advances we leave the old ways of doing things behind. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worst. Either way, for the most part, old technology is simply ripped out, sent away for scrap and quickly forgotten. Occasionally though, it’s possible to stumble into one of these abandoned technological relics. What I enjoy […]

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About Me – who is Autopsy Of Adelaide??

I am an Adelaide based photographer with a primary interest in the abandoned, derelict, forgotten and hidden.  My work focusses primarily on Adelaide and South Australia, but also includes my adventures to other parts of Australia.  Houses, factories, commercial buildings, tunnels, basements, junkyards, farms………..if it’s abandoned I’ll explore it.  Whilst I do capture “urbex” style […]

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